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The residence of the Splendid has a whole history...

The 1930s were the beginning of a whole new economy for Villard de Lans.

Air conditioning was born

The Vercors then becomes a privileged place for air and sun cures and especially for children. Villages extend their offer to a privileged clientele and hotels in the "Grand Siècle" style as the Splendid became establishments courted by the beautiful society and Villard de Lans obtained by decree the title of climate resort.
The Splendid has kept its high and frescoed ceilings, its reception hall with its period entrance lock blends history and modernity. In the 1960s, Splendid became a renowned rest and convalescence home, welcoming a clientele who had come to restore their health and the families who came to visit them until the year 2010.
Today, the Splendid becomes a residence in the mountains and offers apartments for hotel rental with additional services and does not forget its history related to health. Soon, we will open a wellness area with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, fitness room and spa for your greatest pleasure.
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In the heart of the Vercors
Le Splendid 129 Avenue du Professeur Nobécourt 38250 Villard de Lans

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